4 Caminos

UI/UX, Branding, Illustration

Cuatro Caminos is every illegal immigrant’s dream tag-team partner in the lucha! for permanence in the United States. With a focus on achieving legal status in the United States, CC drills the community with up-to-date news on immigration issues and legislation in support of building awareness for those less privy to this everyday information. The CC brand was developed as both a metaphorical vehicle and a “Robin Hood” to the community, delivering this information and providing support for legality in and out of the Americas. With these goals - and a desire to remain unnoticed by authorities - Cuatro Caminos transformed into the 4C “racing squad” via a set of illustrations and a mobile app. Exciting the community and providing leadership in its illegal immigration struggles, 4C and its drivers unite those conflicted by their illegal status.

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